Computer Programmable Paper cutter series

Daeho??Computer Programmable Paper cutter series


The Simple and robust c Cutter series is the entry model of the DAEHO’s computer programmable paper cutters.
The C series cutter are designed to the highest standard to achieve one of the safest and most reliable modern cutters
? Most of controlling can be done on the 5.6″ TFT-LCD screen
? Advanced User interface provides easy view and easy to use
? Important variables are protected by password. By storingfactory settings separately so that system can be restored from error which is cause by misuse of user.
? It is supported for user to control the timing that clamp comes up so that faster cutting is available.
? All basic functions which are required in cutting
? Memory capability : 1000 processes 1000 steps
? Error number display function
? Check machine in-output through 5.6″ TFT-LCD screen
? Function(mathematical) input function
? Macro auto input function
? Safety
The CE certified safety light curtain detects obstacles from the front table and stopsthe knife movement immediately. Also, the safety light curtain detects its own faults and displayan error message to the operator before malfunctions can occur. The two hand control devices are designed to meetthe CE standard. The safety system incorporates five check steps and two operation controllers.The operation controller checks the operational status of machine in real-time and gives the proper commands to the machine.The two operation controllers work independently of each other.This level of redundancy contributes to the high reliability of the machine.Backgauage moving systemThe backgauge moving system consists of an AC servomotor, ball screw and linear guide.

The optimized combination of these parts provides for a soft and fast backgauge acceleration and deceleration.

The backgauge travels at a speed up to 20m/min.

The backgauge moving system sets the cutting stock quickly at exact position.

It saves cutting time and improves the efficiency and precision of your cutting work.


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