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To be robotics / mechatronics engineers

Course introduction

Robot Design Course

Basic studies to create mechanical systems

Nowadays various types of robots are actively used in every field from electronic devices to surgical operation and healthcare support. This course encourages students to acquire knowledge and skills relating to kinematics, design engineering, processing engineering, assemble and create robots. Creative ability of innovative design and planning will be cultivated through designing and manufacturing of robots.

Robot Control Course

Basic studies to control mechanical systems

Students work towards deep understanding control systems that give commands to move robots. This course encourages students to learn the theory and knowledge of robots including robotics, control engineering and computer science. Development capabilities and skills of making intelligent robots will be cultivated through active involvement in experiments and drills.

Qualifications to be targeted:

  • Professional Engineer (mechanical, electrical & electronics, and information engineering fields)
  • Digital Technology Certification
  • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer
  • Hazardous Materials Engineer (Classes A & B)
  • Information Technology Passport
  • Junior High School Teacher, 1st Class (Mathematics & Technical Arts)
  • High School Teacher, 1st Class (Mathematics & Industry)
  • Others