Department of Mechanical Engineering

For students who want to be engineers, who are capable of designing various types of machines with consideration given to various aspects such as energy efficiency, environment, etc.

Course introduction

Mechanical Engineering Design Course [JABEE]

Aiming at the creation of engineers who can identify and solve problems on their own

Many machines, from those of the automobile industries to those of the food industries are actively used in manufacturing fields. This course encourages students to study the design and manufacture of various machines while they foster a broad-range perspective and morality as an important and essential member of society. We offer programs not only to acquire skills in manufacturing things but also to foster true engineers who can identify problems and find solutions.

Energy and Mechanical Engineering Course

Learning about the wide variety of mechanical energy and mechanical engineering

A wide variety of power or energy is required to move machines. This course encourages students to acquire a wide variety of knowledge about fundamental dynamics of mechanical engineering to design, material processing and electronic control of machines to learn what kind of energy is required for the creation and motion of machines. We foster engineers who can develop machines necessary to realize sustainable and environmental-friendly energy for society.

Qualifications to be targeted:

  • Professional Engineer (Machine field)
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Chief Boiler and Turbine Engineer
  • Qualified person for energy management (i.e. heat management and electricity management)
  • CAD Use Technical Expert
  • Dangerous Object Handler (Classes A & B)
  • English Technical Writing Test
  • Junior High School Teacher, 1st Class (Technical Arts)
  • High School Teacher, 1st Class (Industry)
  • Others