Department of Informatics

Students aim at becoming specialists of “Information Systems” that support society or specialists of “Information Media” that enrich society.

Course introduction

Information Systems Course [JABEE*]

Aims at acquiring skills to develop “useful” systems in response to actual situations

Information systems such as automatic response in ATM operation and IC cards for the payment of public transportation systems are indispensable in contemporary society. This course encourages students to master the required knowledge and information technology to plan, design, establish and operate information systems used throughout many levels of society. They will acquire the skills to identify and solve problems by simulating actual social situations and contexts.

*: The former System Development Course in the Department of Information and Systems Engineering was accredited by JABEE.

Information Media Course

State-of-the-art technology studies of information media such as sounds and images

Information media such as images and sounds play an important role in supporting rich social life. This course encourages students to learn about information processing technology intended for images, videos, CG, music, sounds, multi-media, web design, contents security and so on to become information processing engineers who have mastered a wide variety of knowledge and applicative skills.

Qualifications to be targeted:

  • Professional Engineer (Information Engineering)
  • Applied Information Technology Engineer
  • IT Strategist
  • Project Manager
  • Network Specialist
  • Database Specialist
  • Embedded Systems Specialist
  • Information Security Specialist
  • IT Service Manager
  • SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) Management Consultant
  • Multimedia Certification Test Expert
  • CG Engineer Certification Test Expert
  • Junior High School Teacher, Primary License (Industrial Arts)
  • High School Teacher, Primary License (Information Science, Engineering)
  • Others