Department of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Students are encouraged to learn and acquire professional skills related to hardware, software, and networking in order to be future specialists in ICT.

Course introduction

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course [JABEE]

Aims at acquiring a wide knowledge of hardware basics to hardware application

Electronics and its related technologies are rapidly advancing day by day. Responding to their rapid development, this course aims at fostering global engineers who can be active in the international arena. The course encourages the acquisition of a wide variety of knowledge of computer basics, electric and electronic devices, and the application of these devices. In addition, specialized subjects including energy conversion engineering and integrated circuits will offer the essential knowledge required for our current times.

Information and Communication Engineering Course [JABEE]

Aims at acquiring knowledge to establish and operate networks

This course offers a wide variety of ICTs (information and communication technology) from computer basics to software development, networks and databases. In addition to programming technology you will master knowledge of hardware learned by touching. Moreover related specialized subjects including “image processing engineering” will be mastered. Experience conducting experiments and drilling will contribute to fostering engineers ready to work with applicative skills.

Qualifications to be targeted:

  • Professional Engineer (electrical & electronics and information engineering fields)
  • Chief Telecommunications Engineer
  • Electrical Chief Engineer
  • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Applied Information Technology Engineer
  • Network Specialist
  • Radiotelephone operator (Land Special Radio Engineer, 1st Class)
  • Junior High School Teacher, 1st Class (Mathematics & Technical Arts)
  • High School Teacher, 1st Class (Mathematics, Information & Industry)
  • Others