Department of Architecture

For students who want to be first-class registered architects: They are encouraged to learn and acquire professional skills and knowledge in the field of architecture, including design, environment, structure and interior design.

Course introduction

Architecture Course [JABEE]

Practical knowledge and technology studies in relation to architecture

As shown in the phrase; “Necessities of life (food, clothing and housing)”, housing has the very important function of sheltering and protecting human beings on earth. It does not just mean a place to live but is recognized as both a place for family relaxation and refreshment and as a place for business function. This course encourages students to learn the basics of architecture including design, surroundings, and architectural structure along with the deeper sociological and cultural meanings and purposes contained in them.

Interior Design Course [JABEE]

Architecture and interior design studies

This course encourages students not just to master fundamental knowledge of architecture such as design and structure but also to acquire knowledge of comfortable living spaces. Students aim at becoming interior planners who have acquired not only the knowledge of the history of interior design and color, etc. but also the skills of spatial representation using lighting and furniture based on a deep understanding of architecture.

Qualifications to be targeted:

  • 1st-class Kenchikushi (Architects and Building Engineer)
  • second-class architects
  • Interior Planner
  • Real Estate Transaction Specialist
  • 1st Class Construction management Engineer (Architecture)
  • Commercial Space Architect
  • Building Certification Official Inspector
  • Junior High School Teacher, 1st Class (Technical Arts)
  • High School Teacher, 1st Class (Industry)
  • Others