Campus Map

The campus has excellent facilities and is full of greenery.

The spacious premises has comfortable and convenient facilities that support your campus life. Nestled in a rich natural environment where students can sense the changes of seasons, students’ academic life and research activities, club activities, talking with friends, and various events are greatly enhanced by the excellent facilities.

1. Media Center (1F: Information-related Education Center / 2F, 3F: Library)

The center includes computer rooms and a lecture room with a large screen, an open training room with 80 units of PCs, and a lounge with a high counter for rest on the 1st floor. The library on the 2nd and 3rd floors has about 240,000 books and 1,100 magazines.

2. Kindai University Fundamental Technology for Next Generation Research Institute

This is a complex facility for state-of-the-art research and development for automobiles, biotechnologies, robots, architecture, service engineering, additive manufacturing and intelligent measurement engineering in association with private enterprises and administrative agencies.

3. Dining Hall

You can enjoy a variety of nutritious, delicious, and inexpensive meals. Open until 19:00.

4. Multi-purpose Hall

Normally used for gymnasium. Pushing a button can turn it into a hall with a capacity of 832 seats.

5. Grounds

Equipped with a baseball park, 400 m track, and soccer ground, you can enjoy a variety of sports at the same time on the spacious grounds. The archery ground located in the adjacent area.

6. Café Umenobe

Located next to the students’ dining hall, this café is popular because of its relaxing terrace. Baked breads, pizza, and snacks are available.

7. Book and Stationary Shop (Kinokuniya)

Not only textbooks and reference books, but also paperbacks, weekly magazines, and stationary goods, are available.

8. Café 601

Located on the 6th floor, you can relax while enjoying the scenery through the windows.

9. Club Center

Forty rooms for club activities are centered here. The Judo and Karate training facilities are also in this area.

10. Career Counseling Room

Teachers and staff are available for job hunting consultation including the effective writing of your resume and job interview guidance.

11. Yamazaki Kindai-Umenobe Shop

Convenience store on campus is popular for a rich assortment of goods.